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Clara comprises 14 pairs of matching colours. Each pair is available in melange and unicolour, the one being unicoloured at the bottom and interwoven with a melange
stitching, and the other reversed, i.e. melange at the bottom with unicolour stitching. The unicolour yarns are yarn-dyed, while the melange yarns are material-dyed. The melange qualities are all natural- dyed in a blend of un-dyed wool. The combination of melange yarns and the accent of stitching woven into the fabric give it a rich look full of
visual volume. The melange yarn creates an interplay and adds depth, the appearance of the fabric changs depending on the angle from which it is viewed.
Although Clara is clearly suited for use in pairs, the colour palette encourages a myriad of combinations produced by mixing and matching the melange shades or unicolours.
The versatile and sensible colours of Clara nevertheless radiate freshness and boldness. The palette ranges from bright, light colours to darker, dustier earth tones.
Clara is suitable for private homes along with contract sales, and for both task seating and soft seating.
Material:90% wool, 10% nylon

138 cm breit

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Clara Farbpalette
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