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Chicago is Helene Vonsild’s first upholstery fabric for Kvadrat. Her starting point was the desire to create a textile that would produce a whole new style by its interaction
with the shape of the furniture. And that is why Chicago has come to be an experience of transformation. New shades and visual structures appear as you move around the fabric – or the piece of furniture it is applied to. At the same time, she has also achieved her aim of making the fabric and the furniture add up to a greater
whole. If the Chicago effect is used judiciously, it can accentuate certain shapes of the furniture design or change perception of the shape of the furniture.
Chicago is a plissé, where the selected colours are woven with a white and a black colour in the warp. On each side of the plissé, Helene Vonsild uses a colour that contrasts with
the colour on the other side. The two contrasting colours meet at the top of the plissé, where the warp colour recurs, thus making the colour interplay add up to a greater whole.
This produces the three-dimensional, changing effect that gives the fabric its vivid quality and the impression of being in motion.
Material:80% New wool worsted, 15% Acrylic, 5% Nylon

140 cm breit

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Chicago Farbpalette
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