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Catellani & Smith - Schöpfungen des Lichts


There are some objects that are more able than others to become distinctive and recognised symbols of a specific design philosophy, and of a particular way of making design. This is the case with Fil de Fer and Uomo della Luce, that are Catellani & Smith’s icons lamps and synonyms of Enzo Catellani’s creativity. These lamps have been representing for decades the distinctive feature of both private and contract interior design, as well as the characterising element of international architectural projects. Fil de Fer and Uomo della Luce are also available in the outdoor version, in response to the increasingly demanding trend that has seen living spaces move outside into terraces and gardens, creating extensions of the house. The Fil de Fer aluminum wire is woven and folded by hand to give its unique spherical shape, that is studded and animated with next generation small LED bulbs. This sophisticated bright ‚tangle‘ of wire can also be supported by the sculpture of Uomo della Luce, in which art and craftsmanship find their highest expression. When these precious and scenic objects are placed in gardens and terraces, they are able to change the concept of a mere lighting object, to become real lighting works of art, with a timeless appeal.


1. Fil de Fer Ø 300 cm, limited edition / Giardini Palazzo della Triennale, Milano / ph. by Nava-Rapacchietta

2. Fil de Fer IP65 Ø 60/30 cm / Villa S. private home, Mallorca / ph. by ©ingold.de / lighting design by lichtgalerie.de

3. Uomo della Luce XXL IP65 / Itinerari di Luce, Piazza G. Carrara, Bergamo / ph. by Nava-Rapacchietta

4. Fil de Fer Ø 200 cm / Phi Beach, Costa Smeralda, Sardegna / ph. by Phi Beach

5. Fil de Fer Nuvola IP65 / Piazza Mascheroni, Bergamo / ph. by Nava-Rapacchietta

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